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Reclaim your wellness

Discover the life-changing potential of
medicinal cannabis for you and
your loved ones.

How Cannabis Works

Learn about the ancient medicinal plant
that’s changing modern healthcare.

Nature Meets Science

Working with nature to develop New Zealand’s
purest medicinal cannabis products.

A natural way to wellness

Ora Pharm

Your health is yours. You get to choose what’s right for you and your loved ones. To choose hope.
To choose life to the fullest.

We’re here to support you on that journey.
Ora Pharm provides plant-based alternatives to industrialised pharmaceuticals, so you can choose a natural way to wellness.

Zoe Reece

Improving quality of life

Ora Pharm was founded to help people make informed healthcare decisions and improve their quality of life. We’re a health and wellness company developing pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis in the heart of New Zealand.

Our vision is to provide patients, caregivers and doctors with natural, plant-based healthcare products that are free from synthetic chemicals and backed by science.

Ora Pharm founder Zoe Reece’s personal journey with medical cannabis powers our purpose of helping people rise above their health issues and reclaim their lives.

Zoe Reece
What is Cannabis?

Curious about Cannabis?

The natural therapeutic properties of cannabis have been shown to help treat a wide range of health conditions and symptoms. Let’s see if medical cannabis is right for you.

Latest News

Celebrating Four Years of Ora Pharm: A Journey of Growth and Innovation

Celebrating Four Years of Ora Pharm: A Journey of Growth and Innovation

We celebrate Ora Pharm’s fourth birthday with a sense of pride and gratitude. Time has flown by, and it feels like just yesterday when we embarked on this incredible journey. Today, we want to take a step back and reflect on the milestones, challenges, and achievements that have shaped Ora Pharm into the innovative pharmaceutical company it is today.

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