Ora Support

For Doctors & Medical Professionals

Get access to the most robust clinical evidence for medicinal cannabis use to better support your patients’ needs.
Ora Support - For Doctors

What is Ora Support?

Ora Support helps healthcare providers make informed decisions around prescribing medicinal cannabis for patients.

You can quickly and easily find clinical evidence and research relevant to your patients’ health conditions and symptoms so you can provide them with the highest standard of care.

Ora Support - For Doctors

Prescribe with confidence

Support clinical decision-making with reliable medicinal cannabis research at your fingertips — complete with concise summaries, references, and links to studies.
Search By Symptoms

Search by symptoms

Search the database for the latest research on how medicinal cannabis can be used in the treatment of specific health conditions and symptoms.
Reviewed by experts

Reviewed by experts

Ora Support is being developed in partnership with an international cannabinoid expert and researcher and New Zealand medical professionals.
Better patient care

Better patient care

Find the information you need to provide your patients with sound advice and prescribe the right medicinal cannabis products for their healthcare.

Supporting better health

Ora Support is still in development. Register your interest now and get notified when it’s live.