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On the Pharm: Ora Pharm secures Medicinal Cannabis License

by | Mar 1, 2021

Ora Pharm has been granted a Medicinal Cannabis License to cultivate, manufacture and supply medicinal cannabis in New Zealand.

The license was approved by the Ministry of Health’s Medicinal Cannabis Agency, following an inspection of Ora Pharm’s state-of-the-art Waikato facility in December.

It means we can start growing our first cannabis plants and push forward with expansion plans that include scaling up the greenhouse and processing facilities and developing medicinal formulations that are unique to New Zealand.

“It’s incredibly exciting to have our Medicinal Cannabis License. It validates all the hard work we’ve put in so far and supports our plans for the future,”

says Ora Pharm founder and CEO, Zoe Reece.

“Most importantly, it means we can start supporting patients in New Zealand to access high-quality medicinal cannabis and help to improve their quality of life.”

Ora Pharm is working with a contract manufacturer to provide for the needs of patients in New Zealand ahead of the first homegrown harvest.


Greenhouse construction completed

The construction of Ora Pharm’s first specialised greenhouse was completed in December.

Developed in the United States, the greenhouse will be used for growing and processing healthy cannabis plants year-round in carefully controlled conditions.

“We’re looking forward to getting seeds in the ground and growing our first cannabis plants. It’s going to be incredibly rewarding to see the new greenhouse come to life over the coming months.”


Medicinal Cannabis Council appointment

Zoe was recently appointed to the board of the New Zealand Medicinal Cannabis Council.

The NZMCC is the peak body for the medicinal cannabis industry, committed to supporting the growth and development of the sector and delivering high-quality, accessible medicinal cannabis products to New Zealanders.

It’s an honour to have Zoe’s experience and passion recognised in this way and it’s a great opportunity to contribute to building confidence in the industry.

Ora Pharm has big plans for the year ahead and we’re looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

Ora Pharm was featured in the New Zealand Herald (Premium) today. Zoe shares the company’s origin story and reveals some of our plans for the future. We think the article has done a nice job of introducing Ora Pharm to wider New Zealand.

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